01. Recording

02. Voiceovers

03. Post Production

04. Production Music

05. Radio Ads

06. Music Composition

  1. 01. Recording

    There's More to Recording Than Just Good Equipment:

    Audio Architects offers high-end recording facilities for world-class commercial voiceover and instrumental productions. Coupled with 20 years of industry experience, we can deliver professional results in-studio or online.

    Our studio is also equipped with a custom-made, soundproof booth, so we can capture your tracks as cleanly as possible. This is something that is crucial in achieving a broadcast quality sound.

    Audio Architects are also well versed in broadcast standards and deliveries for TV, radio and film. Thanks to our experience in the industry, we have a smooth workflow and fast turnarounds.

    Further Value and Peace of Mind:

    Over the years, Audio Architects have built up a large talent base. We will be able to able to book appropriate musicians and voiceover artists, should you need them.

    Nigel Geden is also able to provide instrumental services on keys, guitar and more, so you will always have a performer available at short notice.

    Here are some of the recording services we offer:


    Equipment List:

    • AKG C414 XLII Microphone - a modern take on a classic microphone as used by the BBC and countless other international artists
    • Focusrite Liquid Channel which simulates 40 different mic pres and 40 vintage compressors, to give you the exact sound you are looking for
    • High Spec iMac running the latest version of Logic
    • A Plethora of Guitars - including Fender Stratocasters and 8 String Signature Ibanez Super Strats
    • Fractal Audio Axe FX Mk II - because who needs guitar amps?
    • Several Guitar Amps - because sometimes you need real amps
    • Pair of ears and lots of years - the most important tools for the job!


    If you would like to discuss our recording services or make a booking, please get in touch via our Contact page.

  2. 02. Voiceovers

    Why Are Voiceovers Effective?:

    Voiceovers have always been the best way to connect with your audience. They are more affordable and can be used on more platforms than video content. Meaning, you are able to reach a wider audience.

    Furthermore, if you are producing video ads or social videos then voiceovers are crucial. Most importantly, they ensure that your message is heard, even when people are not watching.

    It is always a good idea to accompany your voiceover with high quality music. This way, you have the most effective content which cuts through the noise of the competition. Imagine, David Attenborough narrating a documentary while Hans Zimmer scores music to great visuals and you get the idea.

    The Process:

    Audio Architects uses broadcast quality microphones and equipment to best capture your voiceovers. We will review the script ahead of time and talk it through with you before heading into the booth. Once you are ready, we will be sure to get the best take before we mix and master everything in Post Production.

    We are also happy to just record your voiceover for you if you wish to do your own post production.

    Additionally, we are able to provide custom Music Composition to create the perfect musical match to your content. Whether it is African, pop or '80s rock, we have the necessary experience to assist. In fact, Audio Architects have an extensive African library music collection which is available for licensing.

    And, to better help you in your search for the right voiceover artist, we have provided you with some useful links below:

    If you still cannot find who you are looking for, we may be able to help you by recommending a voiceover artist from our trusted list of industry professionals.

    So, what better way to explain your product or service than with a voiceover? For more information or to book a voiceover slot, please get in touch via our Contact page.

  3. 03. Post Production

    The Importance of Good Post Production:

    We have all the best takes from your recording session, so now it's time to take everything into the final phase of production: Post Production.

    This is where the magic happens. Audio Architects mixes all the levels, EQs, compresses as well as adds effects before mastering your track for export.

    With over a decade of working with TV and radio broadcasters, we can deliver your tracks in the exactly the right format. This ensures that the release of your track is not delayed.

    Remote Post Production Services:

    Like our work but can't make it to the studio? We also offer remote post production services to national and international clients. Our high-speed internet connection and UPS guarantee that we are able to deliver.

    The process is the same, albeit, a little slower. You send us your tracks and we send you sample mixes via Dropbox or WeTransfer. Once we have your track just the way you like it, we master it and send you the original WAV file as well as MP3 files which are suitable for broadcast.

    Additionally, for our oversees clients, our remote post production services offer more value than hiring a local studio. Due to the exchange rate, our rates may cost you as little as half of what you'd pay in the USA or UK. We are also able to take payment in the form of PayPal (Goods & Services).

    If you'd like to find out more about our services and rates, please get in touch via our Contact form.

  4. 04. Production Music

    If you're looking for production music to go with your voiceovers or projects, we have a large selection to choose from. We specialise in Sub-Sarahan music which has been used by clients such as the SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation).

    Our productions use modern orchestration and techniques, ensuring that they're suitable for use with the latest content.

    Still can't find production music that fits your exact needs? We also provide custom compositions such as jingles for radio ads. When combined with the right voiceover, you can be sure that your message will be understood by your target audience.

    Whether it's stock or custom music you go for, our music licensing tailors for small to large projects. This includes online use as well as broadcast use for TV and/or radio.

    For more information about our production music services or to hire us, please get in touch via our Contact form.

  5. 05. Radio Ads

    With over 38 million radio listeners nationwide, radio ads are still one of the most effective ways to promote your product or business.

    Audio Architects handles the entire production process for you: from sourcing the right voiceover artist to creating jingles.

    We're also able to take care of post production for delivery to traditional broadcasters as well as digital.

    Above all, Audio Architects strives to craft the perfect radio commercial for your audience.

  6. 06. Music Composition

    You have the perfect voiceover artist and the perfect visuals but your stock music collection just does not fit.

    Audio Architects offers a custom music composition service. We have provided jingles for Radio Ads, background music for TV documentaries and more.


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