Post Production

The Importance of Good Post Production:

We have all the best takes from your recording session, so now it’s time to take everything into the final phase of production: Post Production.

This is where the magic happens. Audio Architects mixes all the levels, EQs, compresses as well as adds effects before mastering your track for export.

With over a decade of working with TV and radio broadcasters, we can deliver your tracks in the exactly the right format. This ensures that the release of your track is not delayed.

Remote Post Production Services:

Like our work but can’t make it to the studio? We also offer remote post production services to national and international clients. Our high-speed internet connection and UPS guarantee that we are able to deliver.

The process is the same, albeit, a little slower. You send us your tracks and we send you sample mixes via Dropbox or WeTransfer. Once we have your track just the way you like it, we master it and send you the original WAV file as well as MP3 files which are suitable for broadcast.

Additionally, for our oversees clients, our remote post production services offer more value than hiring a local studio. Due to the exchange rate, our rates may cost you as little as half of what you’d pay in the USA or UK. We are also able to take payment in the form of PayPal (Goods & Services).

If you’d like to find out more about our services and rates, please get in touch via our Contact form.

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